Our first round of Local Hubs are coming to a close and it’s safe to say that they were a resounding success. Fellows came together in cities all over the world to create autonomous communities in Bangalore, Barcelona, Berlin, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, London, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pretoria, Stuttgart and Warsaw. our program.

These Hubs consist of physical gathering points, organized by our Fellows, to connect with each other, mentors, and industry experts to take their learning offline and in person, to deepen learning, leadership and impact. Unlike our Regional Summits and Global Summit, the Local Hubs are almost completely Fellow-run. They decide on their teams, the location of the Hub, how their budding community expresses itself and how each event will be created by the Fellows themselves. They are assigned a budget and have autonomy on how they spend it to organize each Hub.

The Final Local Hubs of the year took place from May 2nd to May 15th and the theme was “Future Relationships & Celebration.” The aim of this Hub was to foster lasting relationships and connections that extend beyond this year, welcoming the new Cohort and beyond, while also celebrating our journey together.

We asked the Fellows from each Hub to reflect on the past year as they’ve undergone the beVisioneers journey together. Check out some of the amazing responses:

Bangalore Local Hub

Swathi, Praneetha and Priya at the Bangalore Local Hub

“Through this fellowship, I’ve met this amazing community of fellows, experts, coaches, mentors. I mean, this fellowship has opened doors for me that I wouldn’t have been able to step into in a million years. with the help of my venture coach, I’ve been able to pivot my project this wonderful path. You know, it’s it’s gaining. It’s gaining momentum. I also I mean, he also pushes and pushes me to think outside the box. He has pushed me to challenge myself, and I’m ever so grateful because because you get complacent. And when you get complacent, you don’t really tend to want to move, and you don’t really tend to want to go to the next stage because you’re comfortable. And I don’t ever think I want to be comfortable because what’s the fun? anyway, another thing I’m really grateful for was the Global summit. I mean, it was just three days of of so much learning, so much learning. I mean, learning about the other fellows, their projects, gathering insights from the getting feedback, meeting so many experts, who all were interested in what we had to say and were genuinely giving us feedback and, you know, telling us that they really liked our project.”

  • Priya Srinivas, Cohort 1 Fellow

Barcelona Local Hub

Luis Borja, Ana Bastos, Aleyna Gültekin and Maya Kamel with speakers Gonzalo Benetti and Ziad Matar, plus invited guests.

“I’m just super grateful to have found something like this. I think also there were a lot of things that I’ve learned in terms of, not only like in terms of venture, because first of all, I had zero ideas about venture building. I was super new to everything but also like in terms of leadership or even like environmental sustainability and maybe environmental literacy. I felt like I was really improving myself. I think also and always when you say venture or like, company or startup, like there’s this idea of what it needs to be like grinding, hustling and all these things.But, now I came to know the importance of personal sustainability; like managing, burnouts and how to be a good leader, how to build a community like these sides that I have never really considered.”

  • Aleyna Gültekin, Cohort 1 Fellow

Cape Town Local Hub

Babalwa, Maya, Julian, Likhona, Mike, Karla, Darryl, Thabiso (Marlene was the photographer)

“It has been very fulfilling. It’s a journey that revealed many things within me. It’s a journey that definitely revealed so many things within me. You’re going to have to confront so many fears within yourself that you have to overcome and so maybe even come face to face with that you have to overcome and so maybe even come face to face with that. You never have that stand in the way of you being able to step fully into who you know that you’ve always meant to be, and how that would actually impact the project that you were working with. Just watching the evolution of the project and has been beautiful is at a place right now where I could definitely say this is something that I would be able to do. This is something that I could bring a collective of people. You want to take the narrative and diversify, to the movement behind.”

  • Babalwa Mni, Cohort 1 Fellow

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