Fostering meaningful connections and collaborations is essential to our planet-positive approach and the foundation of the beVisioneers program. This is precisely what our Local Hubs aim to achieve. The Fellowship program committed to a planet-positive approach, understands this well and has introduced an innovative initiative to drive change from the grassroots level. The Local Hubs are at the heart of this initiative.

These Hubs consist of physical gathering points, organized by our Fellows, to connect with each other, mentors, and industry experts to take their learning offline and in person, to deepen learning, leadership and impact

Local Hubs offer Fellows an exciting opportunity to work autonomously toward several key goals:

  • Networking and Collaboration: with other Fellows, entors, industry experts, Advisory Council members and climate collaborators. 
  • Knowledge Sharing: providing valuable learning opportunities from experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and successful ventures for the Fellows to further develop their projects and themselves.
  • Awareness and Visibility: raise awareness and increase the visibility of their projects, and the impact that they are creating.
  • Long-term Community Connection: build relationships with other Fellows and individuals in their communities, to create long-lasting bonds to continue the beVisioneers Local Hubs community for years to come. 
  • Awareness and Visibility: raise awareness and increase the visibility of our beVisoneers, and the impact they aims to create.

For the Fellows, by the Fellows

Unlike our Regional Summits and Global Summit, the Local Hubs are almost completely Fellow-run. They decide on their teams, the location of the Hub, how their budding community expresses itself and how each event will be created by the Fellows themselves. They are assigned a budget and have autonomy on how they spend it to organize each Hub.

Due to the Local Hubs being Fellow-led and having a shorter period of time together, we created themes for each Hub:

Hub #1 September – Fellow Connection – This initial Hub focuses on Fellows coming together and collaborating to establish their local beVisioneers community.

Hub #2 November – Ecosystem Building  – Fellows explore ways to build a sustainable ecosystem within their local communities.

Hub #3 March – Going Global – Following our Global Summit in February, this Hub encourages Fellows to think globally and explore ways to scale their impact beyond local borders.

Hub #4 May – Future Relationships – Fellows work on solidifying relationships with donors, the Advisory Council, and other stakeholders, ensuring the long-term success of the beVisioneers program.

From Mumbai to Berlin: A Global Network Emerges

As of now, Local Hubs are being established in various cities worldwide, including London, Mumbai, Bangalore, Durban, Stuttgart, Pretoria, Barcelona, Johannesburg, New Delhi, Warsaw, Berlin, and Cape Town. This diverse global presence demonstrates the program’s commitment to fostering international collaboration and knowledge sharing.

What’s on the Agenda?

Each Hub has exciting plans, including excursions into nature, guest speaker sessions on community-building, and active engagement on dedicated social channels. The theme of the first round of Local Hubs is ”Fellow Connection” so the emphasis is on each Hub to come together and to collaborate in order to establish their own local bV community. So keep your eyes peeled for our first Local Hubs!

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