Our Fellowship is growing. This year we kicked off beVisioneers with 100 fantastic Fellows in Cohort 1. In Cohort 2 we’re expanding to 500 Fellows. As we grow, we need to make sure that the program remains as impactful as possible.

When it comes to guiding our Fellowship, we are proud to have the wisdom of our Advisory Council. Its members act as our team’s strategic advisors, implementation supporters, and stewards to successfully realize the promise of our community. As the community grows, the Advisory Council will help ensure programmatic relevance, participatory governance, and tangible impact, as well as, protect and uplift the beVisioneers community’s ethos.

We’re proud to have such a diverse roster of seasoned experts in their field on our Advisory Council. Members like Krithi Karanth, Chief Conservation Scientist at the Centre for Wildlife Studies, Zuzanna Rudzinska-Bluszcz, Head of Client Earth Poland, to name a few. But what does the Advisory Council do exactly?

Advisory Council Mandate 

I. Strategic advisers 

  • In consultation with the beVisioneers team, provide input on the Fellowship’s vision and strategy 
  • Review and provide guidance on the beVisioneers curriculum (e.g. online content, local programming, regional summits, global summits, etc.) as well as subject matter content 
  • Identify ways to maximize beVisioneers community impact (e.g. expertise on fellows’ projects, impactful storytelling, meaningful long-term collaboration, etc.) 

II. Participating in implementation 

  • Support the annual beVisioneers application and selection process, advising new fellows’ onboarding, and developing the mentoring experience
  • Advise relevant policies and processes (e.g., governance, local activities and conflict resolution)
  • Apply individual expertise to strengthen the beVisioneers methodology, curriculum, and partnerships to achieve tangible impact

III. Stewards of the beVisioneers community’s ethos

  • Role model the beVisioneers spirit and principles within the community contract
  • Encourage fellows in their goals and impact, including inspiring and cheering on their work
  • As needed, provide team guidance in handling individual values breaches, specifically related to the community contract, the Anti Harassment Policy, and other foundational governance documents.

Guiding beVisioneers to create a more sustainable future

The beVisioneers Fellowship is not just growing in numbers; it is flourishing as a vibrant community of change-makers, each empowered by the support and guidance of the Advisory Council. Together, we look ahead to a future where our shared values continue to inspire, uplift, and propel us towards a world shaped by the positive transformations we collectively envision.

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