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beVisioneers is run by non-profit education pioneers The DO School gGmbH.

Our team dedicated to beVisioneers consists of an eclectic mix of environmental professionals, people developers, program designers, creatives, techies and everything in between.

Our team has worked for and with the likes of United Nation Women and the World Economic Forum. We come from all over the world and all walks of life. One thing that unites us is our passion for people and the planet.

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We establish goals, employ accountable processes, evaluate methods aligned with our values, promote self-reflection, and prioritize personal, planetary, and community balance in our sustainable strategies

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We prioritize transparency, structure, and collaboration in achieving a common goal, actively seeking diverse opinions and feedback while valuing our participation in the decision-making process.

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We embrace discomfort to explore new approaches, encourage introspection, allowing others the same, and actively contribute our perspectives to iteratively enhance ideas.

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We cultivate curiosity over judgment, prioritize self-awareness and growth through embracing discomfort, and actively seek out unheard stories and voices.

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We prioritize personal, planetary, and community balance in our strategies, promote sustainable practices as a team, and prioritize longevity, adaptability, and wellbeing.

Over the past 10 years, The DO School has created some of today’s most ambitious fellowship programs for young impact entrepreneurs in partnership with UN agencies, companies and foundations. We are incredibly proud of the over 50,000 alumni in over 100 countries that have launched and scaled their initiatives through our programs.

“beVisioneers is an incredible new initiative
of The DO School Fellowships gGmbH with great impact potential. We are proud to launch beVisioneers in an effort to empower young change-makers to develop and implement new solutions to benefit us all.”

– Katherin Kirschenmann,
Founder, The DO School

Our Team

Marisha Nair

Country: Austrailia

Title: Regional Program Manager - Asia

Zoe Magee

Country: Ireland

Title: Communications Director

Chiedza M Skyum

Country: Zimbabwe

Title: Fellow and Community Director

Stephan Hiller

Country: Germany

Title: Operations Director

Anja Thiem

Country: Germany

Title: People & Culture Director

Coralie Jacquot

Country: France

Title: Program Manager

Mariah Levin

Country: Canada

Title: Executive Director

Ajaz Shah

Country: Germany

Title: Operations Manager

Albane Salzberg

Country: France

Title: Online Community Manager

Fanny Jacoby

Country: France

Title: Infrastructure & IT Manager

Joyce Zhang

Country: China

Title: Leadership Development Manager

Alondra Medina

Country: Chile

Title: Venture Coach

Iris Lapinski

Country: Germany

Title: Lead Venture Coach

Eva Vander Giessen

Country: United States of America

Title: Program Director

Isabel Meyer-Landrut

Country: Germany

Title: Knowledge Management and Reporting

Maximiliano Cortes Sotomayor

Country: Chile

Title: Environmental Sustainability Lab Lead

Ania Holland

Country: United States of America

Title: Social Media Manager

Efe Carlik

Country: Turkey

Title: Admissions Manager

Adriano D’Aguiar

Country: Brazil

Title: Multimedia Manager

Nihal Helmy

Country: Egypt

Title: Event Manager

Alex Bode

Country: Germany

Title: HR Admin Manager

Eileen Wong

Country: Canada

Title: Chief of Staff

Julia Kresse

Country: Germany

Title: Operations Manager

Ozkal Suyuk

Country: Turkey

Title: Grant, Stipend & Finance Manager

Paola Borrero

Country: Colombia

Title: HR Manager

Sheena Cheong

Country: Singapore

Title: Mentorships Lead

Shruti Ryali

Country: India

Title: Learning Experience Quality Lead

Thomas Schäfer

Country: Germany

Title: Head of Recruitment

Advisory Board

Krithika Chandramouli

Country: India

Title: Co-Founder KiRu

Rhea Singhal

Country: India

Title: Founder Ecoware

Bilha Ndirangu

Country: South Africa

Title: Co-Founder Jacob’s ladder

Susannah Rodgers

Country: United Kingdom

Title: Founder Susie Rodgers

Daniel Katz

Country: Global

Title: Founder, Rainforest Alliance & Lead Environmental Advisor, The Overbrook Foundation

Eric Levine

Country: United Kingdom

Title: Partner Count us in

Krithi Karanth

Country: India

Title: Chief Conservation Scientist Centre for Wildlife Studies

Marlon Parker

Country: South Africa

Title: Founder Reconstructed Living Labs

Michael Norton

Country: United Kingdom

Title: Founder CIVA / Michael Norton

Nik Aaron Willim

Country: Germany

Title: Author Grüne Tiger

Priyanka Mandal

Country: India

Title: Co-Founder Clan Earth

Rowan Spazzoli

Country: South Africa

Title: Founder Accendio

Ruchika Bhat

Country: India

Title: Co-Founder KiRu

Sara Devenyi

Country: Netherlands

Title: Founder Palanta

Shivi Dwivedi

Country: India

Title: Youth Engagement & Partnerships Lead Climate Champions

Tilmann Stolte

Country: Denmark

Title: CEO Future Leaders Global

Zuzanna Rudzinska-Bluszcz

Country: Poland

Title: Country Head Client Earth

Partner Organizations

  • Inkubator STARTER
  • Cherish Expeditions
  • Count Us In
  • Eswatini Climate Coalition
  • Green Schools Alliance
  • Association Biodiversa
  • Nourishing Africa / African Food Change Makers
  • India – Asian Environmental Youth Network
  • Red Española de Desarrollo Rural (redr) jóvenes
  • Leader’s Quest
  • Lightful
  • Seed Stars
  • Opportunities for African
  • Sustainability Institute
  • Kliptown Youth Program
  • iamthecode
  • The Brain Builder
  • The DO
  • UK Youth Climate Coalition
  • UN Live
  • Why Waste?

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