In order to ensure a healthy planet for coming generations, we are building the largest global community of eco-leaders, anchored in the remarkable talent and energy of youth around the world. Part of our mission is enabling Fellows to continue with their learning in an applied learning phase where they implement their Planet Positive project with Project Scholarships.

Upon application or at any point during the Fellowship, Fellows may be offered an Advanced Program, offering, furthering their practical education. Some programs include Project Scholarship Funding, helping Fellows implement their project ideas. The scholarship amount depends on their application, where they detail their funding needs. The DO School carefully reviews and selects these applications based on the following criteria.

  1. Impact

Fellows show that their project is well thought through, creates relevant impact for the stated target audience and addresses the problem.

  1. Viability

Fellows show that their project is well planned, resources needed are mapped, and risks identified, there is a clear vision, and a plan to ensure the project’s long-term viability and growth.

  1. Checkpoints

Fellows have structured their project to track the real-world impact it creates and have created a plan to quantify and measure how it is bringing benefits to their target audience.  

Pitch Day!

After the applications, Fellows were selected to prepare a pitch to share with an external jury on April 29th or 30th. Based on the jury’s recommendation, the final project scholarship recipients we’re announced on May 3rd. The juries were comprised of a diverse range of experts and leaders from different fields. We’re so grateful for their excellent work in evaluating pitches, as well as their insight and their guidance.

Jury Members

A Word from our Fellows

We’re so excited to see what the Scholarship Recipients do with this support; how they grow and expand with their projects scaling up. Here’s what a few of the Fellows had to say about their experience receiving Scholarships for their projects.

Harisharnam Harisharnam

Project Scholarship Recipient, Cohort 1 Fellow, India

”Excited to announce that Eco Rural has received a scholarship from beVisioneers: The Mercedes-Benz Fellowship The Mercedes-Benz Fellowship program! 🌱💡 This scholarship will fuel Eco Rural’s mission to empower rural communities and drive sustainable change across India. Grateful for the support and excited for the journey ahead!

This would’t have been possible without all those conversations, brainstorming, I had with all the amazing and wonderful members of this family. This is something that have made me realise again and again that you just need to have the will to work, to stand and to take that initiative, for which the world would come together to support you.”

Maximilian Lehman

Project Scholarship Recipient, Cohort 1 Fellow, Germany

”This Project Scholarship is a contribution to our success and helps us to actively implement Ai into our application – reducing the time to upload an item by 80% from 30 to 6 seconds – and automating the matchmaking between renters and lenders. 

As a human being, the beVisioneers was a journey of transformation. Through your/our structured elements like Mentorship Calls and Venture Coaching Sessions, I gained invaluable insights into both my personal and professional life. These interactions provided me with a clearer vision of my goals and the tools necessary to pursue them effectively. The support and feedback from all of you (being mentors & experts) still push me beyond my limits and out of my comfort-zone.

Looking at this journey to come to an end soon, the summit was a highlight, bringing together diverse minds and creating opportunities for real-time collaboration. The coaching calls often challenged my assumptions, leading to breakthroughs that are still rewarding. Mentorship calls provided a steady source of encouragement and knowledge, which were crucial during times of doubt.”

Ntobeko Mafu

Project Scholarship Recipient, Cohort 1 Fellow, South Africa

”As we wrap up Cohort one 1️⃣ year one of the beVisioneers: The Mercedes-Benz Fellowship program. I am sad that the program has come to an end, BUT I am ecstatic about the future, especially given all of the confidence and capacity that I’ve gained.

I’ve gained knowledge and expertise regarding Planet positive action and execution to the highest degree. I have gained an amazing vast knowledge and understanding of the industry I am in as well as what I can do to enhance it and make Agriculture more sustainable. I have gained a vast network of inspirations, mentors, advisors and fellows from across the Globe through the local & regional hubs as well as the Global Summit. All making me very confident in my work.

I am happy to share that amongst all this I have also gained a Project Scholarship to apply towards my planet positive project- “Madame Clucks a lot “ 🐣🥬📑. Large changes and improvements will be made within the company thanks to beVisioneers: The Mercedes-Benz Fellowship & The DO ❤️👏🏽.”

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