In a remarkable career pivot, Ceri Flook, a content creator turned compost maker based in Germany, has begun her mission to tackle soil health and sustainability. Formerly engaged in content creation at Ecosia, 27 year old Ceri redirected her focus after recognizing the profound issues surrounding soil health reported at the organization. Ceri decided it was to get her hands dirty and pursue her passion for sustainability, setting her sights on microbial soil health, acknowledging that a staggering 60-70% of European soil requires regeneration.

While the problem was apparent, Ceri delved deeper into her motivations, seeking a clear mission. Determined to make a difference, she applied for beVisioneers, highlighting the Personal Sustainability Lab as a key draw. “A big reason why I chose beVisioneers was the personal sustainability lab which provides you with the personal skills like resiliency and self-awareness, which I think are so necessary in an entrepreneurial journey.”

Her “why” began to take shape as she articulated her mission to help farmers produce sustainable goods. Ceri credits the beVisioneers Learning Labs for providing the necessary tools to initiate user research, recognizing the crucial role of direct engagement with farmers, the true stewards of soil knowledge.

Ceri is currently exploring the integration of AI-assisted vision technology to identify and quantify microorganisms in the soil. Since joining beVisioneers in July 2023, her unwavering dedication has earned her a research position on a 150-hectare biodiversity project. Over the next year, Ceri will develop a prototype, citing beVisioneers’ influence in helping her identify potential collaborations and alignments.

“beVisioneers has instilled me with the tools to articulate my project – what I was doing, how I was solving this problem of soil health and my values. And it has given me the tools to be able to reach out and partner with institutions in my local area. I attended a soil health workshop and honing the skills I have learned in beVisioneers so far, I approached the host and began a conversation. There was a synergistic moment where we realized ‘why am I not actually working on this project at that farm itself.’ This research position was then created.”Reflecting on her transformative journey, Ceri emphasizes the significance of “failing fast and pivoting,” a key lesson learned through beVisioneers.

Her commitment to sustainable soil health stands as a testament to the impact of personal dedication and innovative thinking in addressing critical environmental challenges. As Ceri looks ahead, the prospect of connecting with and learning from other Fellows engaged in similar projects remains an important part of her beVisioneers experience.

“I am really looking forward to the Global Summit. I have been connecting a lot with other farmers and Fellows working on agriculture. I can’t wait to share insights with one another and see how they’ve come in their journeys in their own communities. Some may even come to the farm I am working on here in Germany.”

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