Let’s Face It: The Path of a Founder Can Be a Solitary One, Filled With Moments of Doubt and Uncertainty.

The weight of responsibility and decision-making can feel isolating, as friends and family might struggle to comprehend the relentless drive and commitment required to build a venture… I experienced this first hand. 

When I first learned about the beVisioneers program, I saw a chance to overcome this and connect with like-minded people from around the globe – helping each other to accelerate by forming a wonderful network of support. I can already confidently say: I found my tribe in the beVisioneers Fellowship.

But who am I to tell you all this? My name is Adrian and I am committed to creating the largest carbon sink in the world, removing millions of tons of CO2 emissions each year. Together with my team, we will leverage the extensive growth of seaweed in the Caribbean Sea and thus not only help mitigate climate change but also avert environmental and social threats imposed on locals by this biomass.

Ready to follow me through my journey of getting to know my fellow Visioneers for the first time? This is how the story unfolds…

From Spark to Flame – A Firework of Inspiration

The desire to find like-minded change-makers around the world was a driving force within me. I craved the opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and draw support from a global community that shared my passion and vision for making a difference – all while developing my skills and knowledge further and following one of my core principles: a great leader is a lifelong learner.

When the opportunity arose to meet the other Fellows from Europe at the Regional Summit in Stuttgart, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Stepping into the event, I quickly realized, I was among kindred spirits. Every encounter felt like reconnecting with old friends: you might not know what they have been up to lately and what they are currently pursuing but as if it was magic, you immediately feel at home – warm and understood.

The shared passion and drive among my fellow change-makers at the Summit were electrifying. I could tell it from the sparkle in their eyes, from how they shared their perspective on the world and the way they introduced me to their project. Despite our diverse backgrounds and ventures, there was an unmistakable connection—a collective determination to make a meaningful impact on the world. I can recall many conversations that left me in awe and admiration. I came with a flame of inspiration within me. I left with a bonfire.

The Woods and A Special Museum – My Favorite Moments of Connection

Spending a few hours in the forest was one of my favourite moments of the Summit. We were together, meditating there and practicing stillness. It reminded me of home. As I grew up in the countryside of Bavaria, I spent countless afternoons in the woods. From then on, I have always felt a strong connection to nature. Experiencing the countless, quiet sensations of the forest with my Fellows gave me a feeling of belonging – being a part of this group, a part of this world, a part of this change we seek.

Another beautiful moment was the “Values Museum”. We were asked to bring one specific thing with us that represents our core values. Another meaningful moment of vulnerability and connection unfolded right in front of me as everyone presented their museum object and explained what it meant to them. I was amazed by the diversity of the objects. We had everything: from bracelets to letters, from tea to a tape camcorder. I brought one of my homemade woodworking tools, a hand plane. It represents my core values: creativity, contentment and curiosity. 

Seeds of The Summit Growing Into Courage and Determination

Now I am home again, sitting at my desk while I am typing these lines. A brief glance at the calendar reminds me the Summit happened almost one month ago. Let’s add a pinch of reflection to this post!

The connections I made and the insights I gained from the Summit inspired me to take bold steps and face challenges with newfound courage. The support and encouragement I received from the beVisioneers community reinforced my determination to stay resilient and continue pushing towards my vision. How am I so sure about this? Right after the Summit, one of my Co-founders decided to leave the team. Having the beVisioneers support helped me tremendously to handle the situation – now we are in a better situation than ever before. 

When I let my inner gaze wander into the future, I see open fields lying ahead of me. It is on us to sow the seeds for a future worth waiting for. Isn’t it amazing how much of a struggle it can be to find words to express the simplest things? For example, to express how grateful I am for being part of this, to accompany other Fellows on their journey and being accompanied by them. 

Together with my Co-founders, we will go “All-in” on this in the coming months, giving our best to make it happen. I know the same is true for my Fellows and I can’t wait to have this conversation with some of them: 

“You remember, when we first met at beVisioneers and our projects were merely more than an ambitious idea?”

“Yeah – and now see how far we’ve come.”

I would like to close these lines with two of my favourite sentences:

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.  

Marcus Aurelius

Adrian is a 2023 beVisioneers Fellow from Germany. His planet-positive project aims to create the largest carbon sink in the world. Together with a team of ambitious co-founders, this industrial engineer is utilizing waste biomass to safely store CO2 — thereby mitigating climate change.

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  1. Munanganda Aderahello Adrian, My name is Adera from Kenya. I joined bevisioneers this November and am glad to be part of you guys and share enthusiasm that will make our planet green with clean air and productive lands

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