beVisioneers is supported by donations from Mercedes-Benz. You have the opportunity to also contribute to beVisioneers and support young planet-positive innovators

Join Mercedes-Benz in supporting environmental innovators to develop and implement much needed solutions. Your donation becomes an investment in the future, nurturing the growth of a new generation dedicated to environmental stewardship.

All donations will contribute to empowering beVisioneers Fellows to create more impact. Your donation can make an important difference! 

Examples of how

you can contribute:

Impact area 1 – Accelerate projects

Increase the grant sizes we are able to give our Fellows to bring planet-positive projects to life

Increase the amount of grants we are able to allocate to our Fellows for example to enable technological innovation

Impact area 2 – Technology Infrastructure

Provide one year of internet access for a Fellow in an economically disadvantaged country

Supply a Fellow with a laptop to enable participation in the Fellowship

Impact area 3 – Fellowship travel

Fund a Fellow's travel to all key Fellowship program events

Pay for a Fellow's accommodation for key Fellowship program events

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Hear from our Fellows

“The fellowship has given me the confidence to prove myself, I’ve fostered learning, diverse experiences, and a lifetime of invaluable cultural encounters.”

Akshitkumar Thakkar
Fellow, India
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Would you like to contribute?

You can support beVisioneers through a charitable donation to The DO School Fellowships gGmbH, who is implementing the Fellowship. You can donate via bank transfer or our Paypal page. Every contribution helps a Fellow in their planet-positive journey.  Donations to The DO School Fellowships gGmbH are tax-deductible and for donations above 50 EUR you can receive a donation receipt based on German law.
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Interested in a strategic partnership?

We invite all partnership inquiries, whether related to larger donations, learning program content, mentorship, speaking opportunities, or more. Your collaboration is key to expanding our offerings, entering new regions, and accelerating our Fellows’ development and projects. Contact our team to see how we can create a dynamic ecosystem that drives meaningful impact and innovation.

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