Are you a professional looking to make a difference by supporting and mentoring young environmental change makers?

beVisioneers: The Mercedes-Benz Fellowship launched in 2023 to provide training and grants to thousands of young people from around the world to implement their projects for a sustainable future. In its first year, we supported over 100 Fellows and are now scaling to 500 young eco-entrepreneurs in Europe, South and East Asia, Africa and North America. 

We are looking for volunteer mentors to provide the talented Fellows with the best support. During the first 12 months of their multi-year fellowship journey, each Fellow will be supported by an individual mentor, who will offer 1:1 guidance, advice, and feedback on their leadership and personal goals.

Leverage your expertise to contribute towards a more sustainable future

Join us as a Mentor by applying here! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Mentorship Manager.  Mentor applications for our next cohort (June 2024 to May 2025) close on 30 May 2024. You will hear from us by mid-June once we select and find a mentor-mentee match. 

Why become a Mentor? 

Our community of planet-positive innovators needs mentors

  • Become part of an exciting community of professionals working jointly towards positive environmental impact
  • Give back by accelerating the professional and personal development of global, motivated young eco-entrepreneurs
  • Hone your leadership and communication skills by providing regular feedback and support to ambitious young entrepreneurs
  • Meet and exchange with environmental experts and influencers active worldwide
  • Raise your profile through increased visibility on social media, and speaking opportunities at internal and external events

Keen to hear from our beVisioneers mentors on their experiences? Read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does mentoring look like?

Mentors support Fellows with 1:1 guidance, advice, and feedback on their leadership and personal goals. We are looking for Mentors who can dedicate around 15 hours between June 2024 and May 2025 for monthly calls with their Fellows.

Mentors will have access to a series of optional tools and resources (feedback tools, conversation guides, etc.) to facilitate learning and sharing of expertise. There will also be quarterly circles, networking and exchange opportunities with the other Mentors and beVisioneers team.

Who are the Fellows?

beVisioneers Fellows are young innovators, aged 16 to 28, with promising ideas for sustainability projects. Starting with a 12-month intensive program, our Fellowship equips them with training in entrepreneurial, leadership and sustainability skills, expert support and resources to bring their planet-positive projects to life, regardless of their stage or financial situation. 

To learn more about the Fellows’ project ideas and the environmental challenges they are tackling, check out the Fellow Bios here.

Who should join to become a Mentor?

We are looking for professionals who: 

  • Have a passion for sustainability and youth empowerment 
  • Are willing to share your personal experiences and business expertise
  • Speak fluent English
  • Possess specific technical or soft skills and knowledge
  • Are willing to dedicate around 15 hours over the course of 12 months
  • Have experience and/or skills in impact mentoring or coaching (Mentoring certificate or previous mentoring of young people). Good sustainability knowledge and interest in sustainability development is a plus

How will I be matched with a Fellow?

Mentor-mentees matches are determined by an algorithm following a combination of criteria including location, common interest in sustainability challenge(s)and mentor’s skills meeting the Fellow’s specific learning and project needs.

Information is collected in the Mentors’ applications as well as Fellows’ applications and interviews. 500 Mentors will be matched with 500 Fellows for our next cohort. 

What if I currently reside in a country outside of beVisioneers activities?

We do not restrict mentor applications to specific countries. Since one matching criteria is based on location, mentors working or residing in Fellow-countries will be prioritised to match the Fellows’ locations. If not selected, your application will still be considered for later years as the program expands.

Will I be matched with a Fellow that speaks the same language and lives in the same time zone as myself?

In most cases yes, there will be some exceptions if a Fellow does not have a good match in the same location.

Can I choose who I am matched with?

Mentors and mentees are matched based on our selection algorithm (see above) and validated by our Fellowship team.

Will I receive compensation or reimbursement?

No, this is a voluntary opportunity.

Will I get training?

Mentors will not get training from beVisioneers.  Mentors will have an initial onboarding, access to a series of optional tools and resources to facilitate learning and sharing of expertise. There will also be quarterly circles, networking and exchange opportunities with the other Mentors and the beVisioneers team.

How long is the program in total and what if I do not want to continue, for any reason?

The mentorship aspect of the Fellowship is 12 months from June 2024 until May 2025. As you sign the Mentor code of conduct, you commit to the 12 months but if you have a valid reason to stop, you can reach out and we will find a replacement for you.

What if there is a problem with my Fellow?

You will have regular touchpoints and check-ins both with the beVisioneers team and your Fellow. You will be informed about dedicated contact points in the unlikely case of an issue to help resolve it.

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