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Are you a professional looking to make a difference by supporting and mentoring young environmental change makers?

In 2023, we are launching a new global fellowship,, which will provide training, resources, and expert support to 100 young people from around the world to implement their projects on environmental sustainability.

You can now support our first 100 Fellows – young people between 16 and 28, with projects ranging from sustainable fashion to vertical farming based in Denmark, Germany, Hungary, India, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden or the United Kingdom. Their fellowship starts with a 12-month intensive from June 2023 – May 2024. beVisioneers offers fellows a structured hybrid learning and community program, access to project grants, masterclasses, and project coaching, as well as input from top experts in relevant fields.

During that first year, each Fellow will also be supported by an individual mentor along their journey, from developing their idea to launching a project. In order to provide our talented fellows with the best support, we are looking for volunteer mentors and experts. The application will be open on March 15th and will close on May 31st. If you have any questions feel free to contact our Mentors & Expert Manager.

FAQs for Mentors and Experts


What is beVisioneers: The Mercedes-Benz Fellowship?

Designed and implemented by The DO School Fellowships and funded by Mercedes-Benz, the beVisioneers fellowship aims to make a positive and lasting impact on the environment by identifying promising young innovators from around the world, irrespective of background, and providing them with the training, mentoring, expert support and funding to realize their local projects for sustainable action. read more about beVisioneers here

Who are the fellows?

beVisioneers fellows are young innovators, aged 16 to 28, with promising ideas for sustainability projects. They come from diverse backgrounds and are selected without regard to socioeconomic standing. In the first year of the program, all fellows will come from one of three regions—India, South Africa and a section of Europe that includes Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

To help fellows realize their project ideas, the beVisioneers program offers them an intensive one-year hybrid-learning phase that culminates in their project’s launch. As part of the intensive program, fellows receive weekly online training in entrepreneurial, leadership and sustainability skills as well as one-to-one mentoring, access to experts in relevant fields, access to project funding, and needs-based access to a financial stipend. 

How can I engage with beVisioneers?

You can apply to be a mentor or an expert.

Mentors are here to provide 1:1 guidance, advice, feedback and support to fellows over the course of the 12-month intensive, depending on the specific goals and objectives decided together. Mentors will be matched through an algorithm with one fellow that they will support over the course of 12 months with a focus on helping fellows to develop and launch their environmental project. Please note that if you are selected to be a Mentor, you will need to commit circa 15-20 hours between June 2023 and May 2024.

Experts are visible within the fellowship network and can be approached by fellows to answer questions on specific topics and provide concrete feedback. If you are selected to be an expert, you can be called upon to do one-off Q&A sessions, pre-recorded videos or be part of a panel discussion. Experts should be ready to spend around 5 hours per year for individual, small-group or large group input sessions.

Can I apply for both?

Yes, you can choose to be considered for the role of mentors, experts, or both.

Who can I contact for further questions?

You can address your questions to our mentorship manager here.

What are the qualifications requirements?

Overall requirements:

  • Speak fluent English
  • Be willing to share your personal experiences and business expertise

For mentors:

  • Have experience and/or skills in impact mentoring or coaching. Certification, previous mentoring of young people and basic sustainability knowledge and interest in sustainability development is a plus
  • Live and/or work in one of the nine countries of the fellowship’s first year (India, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Spain or the UK)
  • Be willing to dedicate circa 15-20 hours over the course of 12 months
  • (Optional) Have some previous experience, knowledge or interest in sustainable development

For experts:

  • Possess specific technical or soft skills and knowledge, for example in communication, business development or sustainability
  • Be willing to spend around 5 hours per year helping fellows, either through presentations or smaller Q&A sessions
What is the deadline?
  • 15th of April – 31st of May 2023 : Applications phase. The application link will be sent to selected candidates.
  • 15th of June 2023: For mentors: final results and matches announced per email
  • July 2023: Onboarding training and beginning of the mentoring sessions 
  • April 2024: Launch of fellow’s projects
  • May 2024:  First fellow community celebrates completion of 12-month intensive and joins Ambassador Community
How many will be selected?

We are planning to select 100 beVisioneers fellows in 2023. Accordingly, we will match 100 mentors in 2023. This number will continue to grow as we grow beVisioneers to 1000 fellows per year in the coming years.

In addition, we will engage dozens of experts in 2023 throughout various formats. 

Will I receive compensation or reimbursement?

No, this is a voluntary opportunity.


Why be a mentor?
  • Become part of an exciting community of professionals working jointly towards positive environmental impact.
  • Give back by accelerating the professional and personal development of global, motivated young environmental entrepreneurs.
  • Learn to clearly communicate and gain new perspectives.
  • Train your leadership skills through teaching, motivating and offering honest feedback.
  • Meet and exchange with global experts.
What will be my task as a mentor?

Mentors provide guidance, advice, feedback, and support to their matched beVisioneers fellow via monthly calls, depending on the specific goals and objectives negotiated with the fellow. Mentors will receive a sample outline for the monthly calls as a guideline for how best to support your fellow. Mentors will help the fellow grow as a leader and in developing their environmental project.

What if I currently reside in a  country outside of beVisioneers activities?

For the first year, only mentors in the nine countries (India, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Spain or the UK) will be matched. However you can still apply and be considered for later years as the program expands.

How will I be matched with a fellow?

Mentor-mentees matches are determined by an algorithm following a combination of criteria including location, sector of interests and skills.

Will I be matched with a fellow that speaks the same language and lives in the same time zone as myself?

In most cases yes, there will be some exceptions if a fellow does not have a good match in the same region.

Can I choose who I am matched with?

No, the matches are chosen by the fellowship team.

Will I get training?

Mentors will not get training from beVisioneers. Instead they will get an initial onboarding including a technical onboarding to the platform used to communicate with the fellows. This will also be an opportunity to network with other mentors and get a deeper understanding of beVisioneers.

What does mentoring look like?

Mentoring will happen online through the dedicated beVisioneers platform. Mentors will have access to a series of optional tools (feedback tools, case studies, career development conversations, etc) for your work with the fellow. You will also have quarterly check-ins with the beVisioneers team as well as networking and exchanging opportunities with the other mentors.

How long is the program in total and what if I do not want to continue, for any reason?

The mentorship aspect of the fellowship is 12 months from June 2023 until May 2024. As you sign the Mentor code of conduct, you commit to the 12 months but if you have a valid reason to stop, you can reach out and we will find a replacement for you.

What if there is a problem with my fellow?

You will have regular touchpoints and check-ins both with the beVisioneers team and your fellow. You will be informed about dedicated contact points in the unlikely case of an issue to help resolve it.


Why be an expert?
  • Become part of an exciting community of professionals working jointly towards positive environmental impact.
  • Give back by accelerating the professional and personal development of global, motivated young environmental entrepreneurs.
  • Give concrete support to new and exciting ideas in the environmental space.
  • Meet environmental experts and influencers active worldwide.
How can I apply to be an expert?

You can use the same application to be considered as an expert or a mentor.

When will I have the results?

The application will be open from 15th of April until the 31st of May, the application link will be sent directly to selected candidates. The results will be communicated by the end of June.

What level of expertise do I need to have?

To be considered for the expert pool you will need to have at least 3 years of experience in a relevant sector, e.g. environmental sustainability, digital storytelling, regenerative business, etc. or possess relevant skills for example in leadership, finance, entrepreneurship, project management, tech, communication and more.

What will I do as an expert?

Being an expert can take many different forms. We might call upon you to join our virtual program for a live session,  judge a business pitch, give feedback on a business plan or help a fellow with an engineering or supply chain issue. The formats mostly will be one-off Q&A sessions or pre-recorded videos.

What is the time commitment?

This will depend on your skills and areas of expertise and how they match with fellows’ needs. We do not expect a commitment of more than 5 hours over the period of 12 months.

Do I need to live in one of the target countries to be an expert?

We will prioritize experts who live in the target countries to strengthen local networks and relationships, however, we may engage experts beyond these countries if there is high alignment with fellows’ needs and opportunities.

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